About Us

We are a group of crypto enthusiasts and investors supporting mass adoption, and privacy, in the world of cryptocurrencies. We believe everyone should join the crypto revolution! That is why, by means of our expertise and experience in the industry, we have put together this easy, user-friendly website that even grandma and grandpa can use, as well as helping investors buy the coins they want.




Pavel Karpisek

Co-founder, CEO

An entrepreneur and a crypto investor. Experienced in both foreign exchange market and stock market. A Free Republic of Liberland veteran and Consul. Experience in building crypto-friendly environments.


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Jan Stegena

Co-founder, CTO

A full stack web developer with a 5 year long experience in the banking sector as well as startups and other businesses. A freedom lover that sees that cryptocurrencies is one way in which one gains personal and economic freedom; whilst seeing that user experience is not perfect yet and still needs improvement.



Gautier Lamothe


An entrepreneur and life-coach with a solid experience in communication and marketing. Delights in providing solutions for self-emancipation. He sees cryptocurrencies as a way of empowering humanity, and endeavours to make them easy and accessible for everyday use so they become part of our daily life just as using a car, or just as drinking tap water became evident to our ancestors.




Content Developer

A crypto investor, who's passionate about technology and innovations. Experienced in business environment, project management and digital marketing related to the crypto world. Her personal goal is to bring knowledge of the crypto and decentralized applications closer to the people.



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Bogie Wozniak


Business entrepreneur and an investor with more than 35 years of experience in many fields such as, foreign trade, logistics, transportation safety and produce. He has held many leading positions for many years in several American and Polish corporations. Currently, he is co-founder of SLT. He is also involved in New U Products and the Balldur Project.

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Christian Korwan


Serial entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience with more than 20 companies. A crypto enthusiast and investor in running his own funds. A business hacker specialized in developing ideas from zero to a validated scaled business. Has worked remotely since 2016, and has lived as a perpetual traveler since 2017. A Libertarian who chases real individual freedom.