About eXlama

Founded in 2018, eXlama is a platform for exchanging cryptocurrencies to fiat and vice versa. It’s offering an easy solution to help people to do it using bank transfer. The biggest advantage this exchange platform is that users can do it privately, without revealing any data.

There are three main things about eXlama you should know:

  1. eXlama’s goal is to contribute in mass adoption of crypto-currencies in the world. However, eXlama will concentrate on the Europe market, and exchange some of the coins for Euro exclusively. What coins will be on the exchange - that will be announced later. According to the roadmap, in the future focus could be one of the European countries.

  2. Privacy is absolutely important. There’s no doubt privacy is one of the issues of the digital world. That’s why this platform will offer maximal privacy and security for the users.

  3. Simplicity is the main feature eXlama can offer. The idea is not only to be used by professionals, but also by newbies, so that’s why we want it to be user-friendly. The easy method that eXlama offers will allow people to do the swap easy and fast.


With all the features eXlama is offering, it’s perfect exchange platform for the people who are purchasing crypto-currency for the first time. However, this platform is also for the every day crypto users. This way we believe we can help users and support mass adaption.

Thank you for choosing eXlama!

Best regards,

CEO of eXlama, Pavel Karpisek

Pavel Karpisek