Price Update 18/10/2018

Bitcoin -0.38% price: 5610 EUR (6716 USD) 

Today we look at the 4 hours candles chart. We can see tapering Bollinger Bands channel which usually shows up before a big movement - Up or Down. We can also see the price above the historic support/resistance line. 

Screenshot 2018-10-18 at 10.41.15.png

The market leads derivatives on BitMEX with 14.4% of all the trades/24 hours. Korea ~7% on trades/24 hours. Euro 0.10% markets are ~2% together/24 hours. We can see increasing volume on USDT (Tether) markets. 

Bitcoin -0.38% Market capitalization: $113,346,420,484 USD 
Bitcoin -0.38% volume exchanged in the last 24 hours $3,990,428,621 USD 

1. BitMEX $831,562,818 14.4% market share on Derivatives BTC/USD 
2. BitForex $219,374,191 3.73% market share on Exchange BTC/USDT 
3. BitHumb $204,173,165 3.47% market share on Exchange BTC/KRW 
11. CoinsBank $78,240,547 1.33% market share on Exchange BTC/EUR 

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