Bitcoin Price 19.10.2018

The price of Bitcoin is: 5594 EUR / 6590 USD

Yesterday, Bitfinex closed on the historical support/resistance line. Today is going lower probably due to the arbitrage - the difference of the price on Bitfinex and other exchanges people use to buy coins in cheaper market and sell higher on other markets. We can expect soon to get the prices balanced. 

Short-term - neutral. Long-term - up 

Screenshot 2018-10-19 at 10.23.18.png

The market leads derivatives on BitMEX with 18.71% of all the trades/24 hours. Korea ~4.3% on trades/24 hours. Euro -0.08% markets are <2% together/24 hours. Big volume appeared on NEO/BTC markets 

1. BitMEX $1,098,619,849 18.71% Market share on Derivatives BTC/USD 
2. Bithumb $256,108,652 4.36% Market share on Exchange BTC/KRW 
3. B2BX $140,532,359 2.39% Market share on Exchange NEO/BTC 
12. CoinsBank $77,739,144 1.32% Market share on Exchange BTC/EUR 

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