What is going on the markets?

The Bitcoin price in last days is going down like ninepins. You may wonder why? Very simply said: there is a war out there about the tradition. Like every other nations/religions/ sect are fighting to spread the world with their ideas, because they believe there are the best.

In this case, few big pocketers are fighting about Satoshi’s vision - how the bitcoin should look like. https://twitter.com/ProfFaustus/status/1064614518280634368 - here we can see Dr. Craig Wright saying that he will destroy Bitcoin because the current Bitcoin ecosystem does not align with his vision (thank god). In the following discussion is saying something that actually makes sense: “Bitcoin is not for investing. The price gives him the usage.”

Anyway: In a free society everyone has the right to fork out of the system and create a new one. This exactly happens 1st of August 2017 when Bitcoin cash (BCH) launch their own vision of Bitcoin.

Screenshot 2018-11-25 at 16.47.34.png

Technical analysis:

At least we can alredy see some movements in the markets. It has been quite boring ever since summer. Currently, Bitcoin is massively undersold.

I will recommend the following: If you want to start with crypto (which is the perfect timing right now) or perhaps you already bought it at a high - technically, keep on buying little by little. I will advise-as with every investment-to use about 10% of your monthly cash flow and invest regularly to avoid volatility in your portfolio.

Screenshot 2018-11-25 at 17.13.51.png

Enjoy the Sunday evening and have iron hands in this days.

Pavel Karpisek