Ethical Codex

In Exlama OU we consider Integrity as the highest value that distinguishes us. Complying with the provisions of Our Code of Ethics will always lead us to have the satisfaction of having acted loyally with Our Company and with our Stakeholders in a clear and honest manner, in an atmosphere of trust and cordiality in all aspects of our lives, both personally and professionally.

The present Exlama OU assumes the following assumptions:

  • The ethics of, owners, administrators and managers is essential for the company Exlama OU can adequately fulfil its purposes, to the extent that it is the necessary requirement to guarantee and balance the rights and interests of all the interest groups affected by it: employees, customers, suppliers, administration and society in general.

  • The Ethics presupposes the strict compliance, in and by the company, with the legislation applicable in each case, as well as with the Bylaws and Regulations of the internal functioning of the company, if any.

  • Ethics in the company requires that owners become guarantors of compliance with the obligations of administrators and managers.

  • Ideally, it is up to the Managers to formulate the Code of Ethics of the company and to the Manager for approval.

Exlama OU encourages all its collaborators to social commitment in the development of their activities, both inside and outside working hours.

Likewise, the Code of Ethics and the Progress Report (adhesion to the Global Compact:, are part of the documentation of the integrated system to which all employees have access, through different channels. The rest of the collaborators will have access to the website:

The code of ethic of Exlama OU is applicable to all its groups of internal that below on are cited:

1.- With our Customers:

  • Our Clients are the essence for which we exist. Your satisfaction is essential, the quality of our services and products are the main commitment with them.

  • Our Clients are our strategic allies and for that reason we strive so that our business proposal propitiates its growth and development.

  • In our dealings with Clients there is no room for any type of corruption, bribery, favouritism or any activity that is contrary to good morals.

  • Exlama OU will always try to respond quickly and effectively to customer complaints seeking satisfaction beyond mere compliance with current regulations.

  • In no case will be carried out deceptive advertising that could mislead our customers or collaborators.

2.- With our Suppliers:

  • Treatment:

    • With our Suppliers we are committed to carry out honest and fair negotiations, without discrimination and / or impositions.

  • Selection and Development:

    • All the proposals that our Suppliers do will be reviewed in a comprehensive manner considering the price, the added value, the quality and the respect by them to human rights.

    • We give the highest value to fair competition in the evaluation process for the selection of the best. We must be consistent with the commitment we acquire to build lasting, equitable and fair business relationships.

    • We are also committed to protecting the rights of Suppliers in what corresponds to the confidentiality of the information provided, waiting in return that the Suppliers comply with the policies of Exlama OU.

    • Involve our Suppliers, seeking their development and providing them with support and information to improve the characteristics of the materials and services we require from them, through a relationship of long-term trust.

  • Terms:

    • We consider that one of our main commitments with Our Suppliers is the timely payment for their services and products. To do this, we establish clear agreements regarding payment terms and we define stable, simple and transparent processes that do not lend themselves to interpretations or bad practices.

    • We aspire to have suppliers that in each transaction obtain fair benefits that promote their sustainable development, to be able to offer a service that evolves in all its elements, not only in the price.

    • Committed to promoting the legality of operations, we are careful that Our Suppliers do not engage in illegal practices such as money laundering, failure to comply with their fiscal, environmental or social obligations, such as social security payments, taxes or work of minors, according to Spanish, European and other agreements. Exlama OU will not hold any commercial relationship with those suppliers that incur in this type of practice.

    • We seek that our Suppliers help us to offer products of excellence, therefore, we work with those that guarantee us the highest quality standards.

  • Anti-corruption:

    • In Exlama OU we seek to obtain from the Supplier only the benefits corresponding to the same negotiation in question, without obtaining personal advantages at the expense of the assignment of contracts and for the acquisition of goods and / or services. We will seek that the relationship with Our Suppliers is always a win-win relationship.

    • For Exlama OU the best recognition that can be received from a Provider is that it complies with the agreement, therefore we do not accept ourselves or our family money, individual gifts, services, discounts, trips or entertainment. However, we understand that Our Suppliers make efforts to promote their brands, products and services, so they are allowed to deliver promotional products as long as their value is identical.

    • In general, our relations with suppliers are based on mutual trust and we hope that the commercial experience is satisfactory and free of all types of corruption. Any doubtful situation, should be reported immediately to the direct manager in writing and certainly before any transaction is made.

    • By supporting this concept, we make our suppliers participate in our principle of Personal Integrity and therefore we ask them to assume the responsibility of not offering rewards or gifts to our Employees.

6.- With the Governments:

  • Respect for Laws

    • We keep informed of the laws of each country in which we operate and make the necessary adaptations to avoid any violation. This principle applies to all business areas without exception. Failure to comply with the law is a crime that can cause the Company severe economic damage and deterioration in its image.

    • To the extent possible, we participate in the relevant Organizations to analyze and understand the legislation, always in the most respectful manner and with the spirit of collaborating with the development of the corresponding country.

    • Participation in Political Activities

    • We do not speak for any ideological or partisan affiliation, but we encourage civic collaboration in professional associations and citizen organizations, at the same time that we encourage the responsible exercise of political rights. The participation of the Collaborators in political and / or electoral processes will be entirely on a personal basis and may not include contributions of time, financial support and resources that belong to the company.

    • When a Collaborator chooses to participate in politics, contribute and give his opinion, he will do so as an individual and should not give the appearance of acting on behalf and / or representation of Exlama OU.

7.- With the Society:

  • We recognize that our raison d'etre is the society in which we are immersed, it is to whom we owe and for whom we work.

  • Generation and Conservation of Employment

  • We are committed to economic and social growth through the creation and maintenance of sources of decent and productive employment.

  • As a company, we invest in the formation of Our Staff and do everything possible to keep the work of those who perform their duties properly and maintain a positive attitude.

8.- With Productivity:

  • In Exlama OU we want to build a highly productive and fully human company.

  • We understand that in order to fulfil our internal and external responsibilities, we must give a productive and sustainable use to our resources.

  • Austerity

    • We are convinced that the business and the daily operation of the company must be carried out in a context of simplicity. We are committed to carrying out all our business processes under the principle of austerity.

    • We make efficient use of available resources at our disposal, avoiding waste, seeking to keep them in perfect working order, trying to maximize their capacity and prolong their useful life.

    • Our objective is the functionality of the expenses, always taking care that the dignity of the Collaborators and their security are respected.

  • Asset Protection

    • Our commitment is to protect and optimize the value of the investment, mainly through the prudent and profitable use of resources, ensuring that they comply with the relevant laws and regulations.

    • The custody and preservation of the assets of Exlama OU is the responsibility of each and every one of us who integrate the Company.

    • We understand the assets of the Company not only the machinery, buildings, vehicles or furniture but also the plans, designs, formulas, processes, systems, drawings, technology, product launch plans, business strategies, promotional campaigns and from then our brand (eXlama).

9.- With Our Partners:

  • In Exlama OU we seek that all Collaborators are respected and that they find an adequate space for their development both in the professional and personal field.

  • The deal with Our Collaborators is based on the Golden Rule: Respect, Justice, Trust and Affection.

  • Respect for Individuality:

    • Each person has a unique value and we recognize that his individual contribution is essential for the team in which he works. For this reason, we respect them and do not allow any form of violence, abuse or harassment at work or any type of discrimination, whether due to age, religion, sex, race, sexual preference or any other condition that is protected by the laws of the community. in which we operate. This provision applies to all aspects of employment, including recruitment, selection, promotion, change of position, transfers, termination of employment, compensation, education, training and in general to all working conditions.

  • Information and Confidentiality:

    • When we integrate a Collaborator to Exlama OU, it assumes the commitment to give responsible and legitimate use to the information to which it has access, keeping at all times the confidentiality and security of the information as intellectual property and secret Industrial Company.

    • Also, the confidentiality of all data likely to be treated as such will be respected.

    • All information subject to intellectual property or other rights must be treated as such and any manipulation must be authorized by the client; eg: image processing for printing etc.

    • All the information to which one has access in the development of the professional task, must be considered as confidential, therefore, it is strictly forbidden to make any copy, either in paper or computer, of the information whose property corresponds to Exlama OU, unless expressly authorized.

    • All employees may make use of the company's goods and services for the development of their professional functions; in no case will be used for the installation, downloading of programs, contents or illegal applications or expressly forbidden by current regulations.

    • All the goods and services of the company can be reviewed by the ethical commission to ensure good use as long as it is necessary and respecting the laws

  • Conflict of interests:

    • We hope that all the staff work delicately for the benefit of the Company and of all those who integrate it, without our decision making being affected by any factor that favours interests unrelated to productivity, effectiveness, efficiency and compliance with our goals.

    • In order to avoid conflicts between personal interests and those of the company and to promote a solution if required, all Exlama OU Employees, have the responsibility to declare any financial interest or of another nature, which may enter into conflict with the Company. If any Collaborator considers that there are personal interests that may influence their performance at work or in their decision making, they must communicate it in writing to their immediate supervisor.

9. Absences to the Code of ETHICS OR CONDUCT

  • The observance of this code is strictly obligatory. The Heads of the Company, at any level, will be an unblemished example of its compliance, of constantly disseminating it and of taking the corresponding disciplinary measures when one of its Collaborators fails to comply with it.

  • Any Collaborator who performs business practices in terms different from those established in this Code will be subject to disciplinary measures that may reach the termination of the employment relationship and / or legal action.

  • The Collaborators of Exlama OU will always have the freedom to consult our bosses, about the situations where doubts are generated.

Pavel Karpisek & Jan Stegena - Founders of Exlama OU