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About us

We are a team of bitcoin-enthusiasts, and just like you, we struggled with the complicated process of buying bitcoin...

We perfectly knew that this technology was impaired by time-consuming steps, and that's why we created eXlama!


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You can do it in three simple steps



We are hardly working on improving our systems to provide you Bitcoins just 15 minutes after your payment arrives to eXlama’s account



We don’t store customer’s Bitcoins. We send the Bitcoins immediately after the payment arrives to the eXlama’s account.

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An email and a bitcoin wallet, that's as simple as it can get... And if you don't know how to use a wallet, don't worry, we'll explain how it works as well !

eXlama is the simplest platform ever to buy Bitcoin: under €1000, we won't ask for your ID, and we won't require you to create an account!

*We don’t need your ID card for limits lower than 1 000 Euro if you provide legitimate source of identification (one of those: Social Media account with history, card payment, SMS verification, high Google ID rating).


Simple Terms & Conditions

  • You must be at least 18 years old.

  • You must verify your identity to be able to trade (check the limits section).

  • Incoming Euro payments to eXlama must be done from a bank account or payment processor under your name.

  • Orders placed on the site are binding and can be cancelled before sending Fiat (Euros) but cannot be reversed ones already purchased.

  • eXlama has no obligation to accept orders.

  • Only one account is allowed per person.

  • We will not divulge your data to any third party unless ordered to do so by a high court order.

  • Your account will be created ones you use the exchange.

  • Exlama never store any fonds of customer.

Read full Terms & Conditions here


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